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The News Herald

For decades, videotape has been the NFL’s friend. It’s the medium that has captured the league’s on field highlights and helped make it the most popular sport in America.

Now, though, it has revealed a league lowlight and inspired revulsion among many fans.

Monday, the website TMZ posted security camera video taken last February of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice and his then fiance (now wife) Janay Palmer in an elevator at a hotel in Atlantic City. It graphically showed in full what the world already
fake ray bans had seen only parts of: Rice struck Palmer in the head, knocking her unconscious. He then dragged her partially outside the elevator door, leaving her face down on the floor, until hotel security arrived and she regained consciousness.

For those actions, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in July suspended Rice for . two games. That was far less than the punishment the league metes out to players who are caught using performance enhancing drugs, which can be up to a season long suspension.

Goodell was widely criticized at the time for his decision, and rightly so. He later publicly acknowledged that he "didn’t get it right." The league has since instituted new policies for domestic violence in which any NFL employee, including nonplayers, will be suspended six games for a first offense and will receive a lifetime ban for a second offense.

However, the release Monday of the full video makes Goodell’s initial blunder look even more egregious.


Previously, the public had seen only what happened outside the elevator, with Palmer already unconscious. There were reports then that the league had seen the video from inside the elevator and that it showed Palmer acting violently toward Rice that being the reason why the player received only a
fake ray bans two game suspension. That idea was bolstered by Palmer’s public apology for the "role (she) played in the incident that night."

Not only does the new TMZ video debunk that (if it were even defensible in the first place), but now the NFL is saying that it didn’t view the entire video before suspending Rice. A league spokesman said Monday that the NFL had requested from law enforcement "all information about the incident, including the video from inside the elevator," but that the video had not been made available and officials had not seen it until Monday.

That inconsistency raises troubling issues:

If the NFL did see the full video months ago and somehow found it exculpatory, that makes the mild two game suspension even more outrageous.

If the NFL didn’t see it until Monday, why were reporters being told off the record in July
cheap ray bans that officials with the Ravens and the league had viewed it?

Monday afternoon, the Ravens released Rice,
cheap ray bans and the NFL announced it had suspended him indefinitely. Those are appropriate, although belated, actions. But it speaks ill of the Ravens and the NFL that if it weren’t for the TMZ video, Rice would be preparing to play Sept. 21.Articles Connexes:

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Five things called Canberra outside Australia

. Meeting place? Space between a woman’s breasts? Speculation on the origins of our city’s name is nothing new.

An idealist might say that the word means something different to each n, to every person touched by the city in some way. But what does the word mean to the rest of the world?

Beyond the political headlines, beyond the Australian defence assets (yes, there is a brand new HMAS in our navy), beyond our nation’s great shores, here are five things that share the name of Australia’s capital city:

a special jubilee beer created by a boutique brewery in the Queen’s default home town of Windsor, England.

For all those who believe there’s a little bit of in a lot of people, you might be closer to the mark than you knew. Raise your glasses to ,
replica Michael Kors handbags a special jubilee beer created by a boutique brewery in the Queen’s default home town of Windsor, England.

Willie Calvert from Windsor and Eton Brewery said the celebratory brew, part of a trio cooked up for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, was created to represent the New World, and was made using maple syrup from Canada, as well as hops from New Zealand and Tasmania. So where does come into it? Willie explains:

Two WB 57 aircraft, part of NASA’s WB 57 High Altitude Research Program.

"We called the beer because it recognises your capital city but also because on the day of the Coronation in 1953, newsreel footage of the event was immediately flown to Canada to be watched on TV "as live". It was flown on a jet (see below), taking off from the RAF base at Northolt, which is close to here."

Apparently the beer is a darker ale with "a great hop character". No word yet on Australian stockists, but you can check out the Windsor and Eton Brewery website.

2. Bomber jets and cruise ships

While we all know about NASA’s links with the ACT through the Deep Space Communication Complex, which played a part in the recent Mars rover landing, the space agency has a more historical, if somewhat tenuous, link with our capital: the jet.

According to Wikipedia, the is a first generation jet powered light bomber designed by English Electric and manufactured in large numbers through the 1950s. There was also a US variant, the Martin B 57.

The plane made the first ever non stop unrefuelled transatlantic crossing by a jet in 1951, and set a world altitude record
cheap Michael Kors of 21,430 metres in 1957. The was used by the RAF, RAAF (an Australian built version), USAF (including the B 57), and the Indian Air Force amongst others, in conflicts including the Korean War, the Vietnam War and in the Falklands.

Back to NASA’s links: two B 57s remain in use today, assigned to NASA as high altitude research planes. But the two jets are also utilised by US armed forces in Afghanistan, and, as recently as
Michael Kors handbags outlet 2012, were named "America’s most important war plane".

And, for good measure, there have also been ships named , outwith our own navy. The US navy ran a Baltimore class cruiser (later a guided
cheap Michael Kors missile cruiser), the USS , named in 1943 in honour of the sunken HMAS (nicknamed the "Can Do Kangaroo"), and the only US warship named for a foreign capital city. It was decommissioned in 1970, broken up for scrap in 1980 the ship’s bell was donated to the Australian National Maritime Museum in 2001. Check out the USS Reunion Association website for more.

And there was an SS from Ireland, which was a P ocean liner cruise ship between 1961 and 1997 (and a troop carrier during the Falklands
cheap michael kors War), launched in 1960 by Dame Pattie Menzies.

3. school, Sembawang, Singapore

The British influence lives on in a group of Singaporean school children. Huzzah! Although from a quick check of Twitter, these kids have very much made their own.

Primary and Secondary School are both located in Sembawang, in the northern portion of Singapore, where you’ll also find a Road and a Link.

But before jumping to the conclusion that there’s a special relationship between our two towns, it’s also worth pointing out there is a Wellington Circuit, a Montreal Drive, and a whole host of other tributes to the great British Empire. Sembawang was once home to a major British naval base.

Nevertheless, the students still identify as ‘ns’
fake Michael kors handbags outlet and the secondary school sees global outreach as an . The school vision is "every n a self directed learner of exemplary character and responsible citizen with a global outlook" and the mission is "inspiring ns to challenge their potential, conquer their aspirations and contribute to society."

Perhaps we could adopt those ideals for our city as well?

4. The distance

On the topic of education, our capital has also lent its name to a mathematical measure of distance, putting it up in the same league as New York, which has the Manhattan distance named after it due to the grid layout of the city’s streets.

Well, maybe not quite the same as Manhattan.

According to CSIRO mathematician Bob Anderssen, the terminology " distance" was invented by two CSIRO scientists (Bill Williams and Godfrey Lance) working in the ACT in the 1960s, and does not relate in any way to ‘s geography or layout. From a strict mathematical perspective, it is not a distance measure like that used to define the distance between home and work. In a colloquial sense, it is a measure used to cluster things on the basis of their similarity.

So what is the role and purpose of the measure " distance"? It is one of a number of algorithms for comparing and clustering objects on
fake Michael Kors the basis of similarity. Dr Anderssen says biologists use it to compare plant properties, and points to CSIRO Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics chief Bronwyn Harch’s PhD studies, which used the distance measure in the classification of peanut plants to make breeding more efficient.

Or, for the proud tomato growing ns (of which we know there are many), Dr Anderssen has suggested the following example:

Imagine trying to understand the relationship between the weeds and tomato bushes in your garden. The location of the plants might be recorded as big black dots on a map of the garden. One then uses the " distance" to differentiate between the tomato bushes and the weeds based on some chosen biological characterisation, cluster them into similar groups, and colour the tomato dots green and the weeds red. This would allow you to better understand the growing pattern and relationship between the two species.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics and Diagnostics

"Alzheimer’s Disease Therapeutics and Diagnostics: World Market 2013 2023" which gives revenue predictions for those drugs and diagnostic tests from 2013, helping stay ahead.

There you find financial data, R trends, opportunities, and prospects. In particular, you see forecasted sales to 2023 at overall world market, submarket, product, and national level.

Besides revenue forecasting to 2023, you find historical data, growth rates, and market shares. You assess
Cheap Michael Kors handbags quantitative and qualitative analysis, business news, outlooks, and developments (R You also gain 40 tables, 63 charts, and an interview.

Many opportunities exist for diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s. Our study shows you the most promising and lucrative parts of that CNS market, helping you stay ahead. Now see how you can benefit your research, analyses and decisions, also saving time.

Finding data you
Michael Kors handbags outlet need on that neurodegenerative disorder has
fake Michael kors handbags outlet just got easier. The following sections show how you benefit from our new
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet analysis.

Discover outlooks for the world market and submarkets

Along with prediction of overall world
Michael Kors handbags outlet market value to 2023, our report shows you revenue forecasting for main submarkets at world level:

Medicines for Alzheimer’s diseaseAlso our study discusses what stimulates and restrains
Michael Kors handbags that market. That analysis helps you identify potential and find ways for your business to develop. Assess brands too.

See forecasts for Alzheimer’s drugs

How will drugs perform to 2023 at world level? Our study predicts individual revenues of three products:There you discover how high sales can go, to 2023. You see what’s happening, then, understanding trends, competition, challenges, and opportunities.

You find geographical revenue predictions too.

Discover prospects of national markets for those anti dementia products

Developments worldwide expand the market for diagnosing, treating
Michael Kors handbags outlet and monitoring neurodegenerative disorders. Developed and developing national markets hold high potential from 2013.

Our analyses show you individual revenue forecasts to 2023 for nine national markets and a regional block:

Germany, France, UK, Italy, and Spain (EU5)India and China.

There you find potential. Large companies and specialty biopharma and diagnostics firms face many opportunities.
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet Our study explains, assessing developments to help your work.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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onto her bottom of the barrel "D" Team designation, she not only struggles on the slopes, but off.
fake cheap oakley sunglasses On her web site, she states, "To date the US Ski Team has not provided any funding support for my training and racing expenses" which are estimated at $30,000 annually. Undeterred, this attractive slalom specialist readily accepts
wholesale oakleys any support, as meager as
oakleys sunglasses it may be. Middle of the road skiing accessory companies such as Sweden’s POC Sports and Norway’s SWIX, outfit her along with other Team USA skier and snowboarders. Yet, this assistance is barely covers a fraction of her expenses. So, she has resorted
cheap oakleys to utilizing Rally Me, a fundraising haven for numerous Sochi Olympics hopefuls like herself. Here, she
oakleys sunglasses sells herself to the masses reeling in dollars at a time, to the tune of $23,000 so far. While touting the adage ""Goals are Dreams with a Deadline," she reiterates her drive to compete in the Sochi Games. Beckoning one and all, she laments, "Ski racing is the farthest thing from cheap. It’s getting increasingly difficult each year to be a full time athlete and still afford to make it to each competition." Moltzan
cheap replica oakleys and dozens of other financially strapped athletes must fight for spots on the prodigious Team USA roster by competing in as many events as they can. AsArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Top 7 Steps to Building a Profitable Customer Relationship

Love what you sell, the company you work for and the customers you serve.

If you are truly passionate about these three things, your willingness to help your customers solve their problems will shine through. Customers will believe your sincerity and be captivated by your excitement. In short you will be fun to work with. Our studies show that customers prefer to buy from sales people who overtly show that they believe in the products they sell, and
wholesale oakleys the companies they work for. Choose to be honest, open and empathetic to your customers’ needs, and you will experience consistent sales growth, build an excellent reputation and become one of the top performers in your field.

Truly care about your customers, and remember that no matter how good an actor you are, faking it simply won’t work. Ask questions, take notes and lean in to show that you’re engaged in their answers. When you take an interest in people, they remember you and when people remember you, it’s good for business.

Share your network of contacts with your customers, and don’t expect them to give you their business without you giving them something first. I don’t mean give away free product in the hopes they will buy more. Instead, give away things that increase your value like a referral to a partner of yours, a solution to a business problem that you read about or heard from someone else, or even help finding a new dentist!

Tell customers upfront: "I don’t know if there’s a fit between what you need and what I have right now, but I’m hoping we can explore that in more detail during this meeting." Or: "I only have your best interests at heart, and I promise to be honest with
fake oakley sunglasses cheap you throughout our conversation. In the end, I hope that we can mutually decide if there is a reason to move forward. If not, that’s fine too,
fake cheap oakley sunglasses and I hope you’ll feel comfortable telling me so." This advice runs counter to 90% of the approaches I see being used in the field today. But
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses then again, maybe that’s why only 10% of sales people are top performers. Try it yourself a few times, and you’ll be amazed at the response you get.

Don’t go for the big decision all at once.

In our personal lives, we don’t propose to someone on a first date (at least, not usually!). The same is true in our business relationships. So get approval from the customer to move ahead in increasing increments. The first approval might be just to agree to speak openly with each other, as outlined in Tip 5 above. The
cheap oakleys second could be an agreement on a follow up call time or meeting date. The third might be gaining agreement on the decision making criteria or a commitment to have the "big boss" present at the demo, followed by an agreement to a "go/no go" decision date. All too often, I see sales people jumping way ahead of their
oakleys sunglasses prospect’s
wholesale cheap oakley sunglasses buying curve. This puts the buyer and seller out of synch. When the sales person is trying to close while the prospect is still evaluating options or determining risk, trust is broken, the prospect feels pushed and the sale comes dangerously close to disappearing.

When you use simple language instead of formal "business speak," people respond better and trust you more. So limit your words to three syllables max. And don’t try to impress prospects with your extensive vocabulary, or you may end up just sounding fake.

Successfully building agreement with your prospects depends on your ability to ask the right questions. What are the right questions? Those that move the prospect from an intellectual position of knowing they have a problem that needs to be solved, to an emotional state of trusting you to solve that problem in a way that will satisfy them.

In short, the right questions are those that reveal true buying motivations. Mastering the right questions will ensure that you and your client build
fake oakley sunglasses cheap a strong relationship, wherein you can both succeed and profit!

For more great sales tips, articles, resources please visit:Receive our free 6 week mini e course and become part of our Sales Community by signing up for our bi weekly e zine, Engaging Ideas, at:.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

tvd Sinopse oficial do episódio 6.22 “I’m Thinking of You All The While”

Confiram a descrição oficial da Season Finale da 6ª Temporada, “I’m Thinking of You All The While” que irá ao ar dia 14 de Maio:

ADEUS MYSTIC FALLS – Após o maravilhoso casamento de Jo e Alaric, as coisas tomam um rumo dramático quando um hóspede não convidado aparece, deixando Elena (Nina Dobrev) em perigo. Apesar do conselho de Matt (Zach Roerig) em deixar a cidade para proteger a si mesma, uma destemida Bonnie (Kat Graham) decide fazer justiça com suas próprias mãos após descobrir que pode dar um fim a um conflituoso plano. Enquanto Stefan (Paul Wesley) e Caroline (Candice Accola) chegam a uma encruzilhada emocional em seu relacionamento, uma reunião com Liv (Penelope Mitchell) deixa Tyler (Michael Trevino) cara a cara com uma decisão que pode mudar a sua vida para sempre. Enquanto isso, as ações imprudentes de Lily (atriz convidada Annie Wersching) fazem com que Stefan tome consciência de até onde sua mãe é capaz de ir para se reunir com a sua “família.” Finalmente, após uma sequência de eventos devastadoras, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) é forçado a tomar a decisão mais difícil de sua vida.

Chris Grismer dirigiu o episódio escrito por Caroline Dries e Julie Plec (#622)

Fonte: Spoiler TV || Tradução e Adaptação: Andressa Montagna
Equipe Stelenators || Quando reproduzir, não se esqueça dos créditos!


202098-84eff-85998533-m750x740-ua1a4f (AO VIVO) Assista ao episódio 6.19 – “Because”

Hoje é noite da volta de The Vampire Diaries, e hoje teremos episódio 19 da 6ª Temporada, “Because.” Aqui você irá conferir a sinopse oficial, os vídeos promocionais, as cenas, as fotos promocionais e o player para assistir ao vivo. Lembrando que o episódio será exibido às 21h – Horário de Brasília. Aproveitem!


CONTAR OU NÃO CONTAR PARA ELA — lutando consigo mesmo se deve ou não contar para Elena (Nina Dobrev) sobre a cura, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) traz a tona um futuro dos dois juntos e como suas vidas seriam se eles não fossem vampiros. Enquanto isso, tudo vai por água abaixo quando as tentativas de parar uma Caroline (Candice Accola) sem humanidade, não sai como o planejado. Em algum outro lugar, Bonnie (Kat Graham) descobre que Damon traiu a sua confiança, ela faz justiça com as próprias mãos, desencadeando uma série de eventos deixando Damon lidar com as consequências. Por último, após ter sido forçado a encarar o seu trágico passado, Enzo (Michael Malarkey) sai em busca de respostas e é surpreendido quando descobre a verdade sobre o dia em que foi transformado em vampiro. Paul Wesley, Zach Roerig e Matt Davis também  estrelam.







Confira todas as imagens deste álbum


OBS: Por alguns segundos o player pode aparentar não estar pegando, mas logo em seguida começa a ser reproduzido.

tvd 5 Razões que fazem com que The Vampire Diaries seja impecável no que faz!

Iremos admitir: A notícia de que Nina Dobrev vai deixar The Vampire Diaries nos deixou em um clima nostálgico em relação à série. Quem vai saber o que um futuro sem Elena Gilbert pode ocasionar em TVD. Tudo o que sabemos é como essa série incrivelmente se mantém convincente o suficiente após seis anos, um feito impressionante na televisão. Aqui vai 5 motivos de que porquê The Vampire Diaries é imortal (pelo menos até agora).

O elenco incrivelmente carismático cresceu com a série

E nós não queremos dizer que todos eles envelheceram (o que de fato é bem legal, e se não for totalmente inesperado). O que queremos dizer é que esse jovem elenco de atores realmente aperfeiçoou suas habilidades ao longo da série. Pegue a atriz Nina Dobrev como exemplo. Ela sempre teve algo especial consigo, mas enquanto ela estava meio desolada na 1ª temporada, ela nos fez chorar e rir semanalmente até os dias atuais. Há tantas coisas que acontecem na criação de uma grande série, mas tendo um elenco carismático e que realmente leva o seu trabalho a serio e que a cada ano conseguem ser ainda melhores que o ano anterior, é um dos ingredientes que TVD tem que o torna um vencedor nessa área.

Nunca esquecem quem seus personagens são

Muitas séries constantemente sacrificam seus personagens para manter uma boa trama. Não TVD. Os escritores sabem como os seus personagens são por dentro e por fora e, sem nenhuma exceção, eles mantém os personagens fiéis. Isto é tão importante para um seriado que muda as tramas constantemente como TVD faz. Se não acreditássemos que esses personagens tomariam decisões que levassem à mortes e romances épicos e amizades arruinadas e maldições do sol e da lua falsas, então não importaria quantas tramas e reviravoltas TVD atirasse em nós constantemente, apenas perderíamos o interesse.

É engraçado até quando nos fazem sofrer

Não existem muitas séries que conseguem trazer humor semanalmente. Poucos conseguem fazer isso em episódios que ao mesmo tempo partem os nossos corações. TVD nos faz rir por semanas (e isso é devido ao fato de manterem os seus personagens fiéis, como mencionamos no tópico acima). Até mesmo no recente marco onde vimos a Xerife Forbes morrer aos poucos, conseguiu nos fazer rir — na verdade, conseguiu nos fazer sentir muitas emoções de uma só vez. E isto é outra coisa que poucas séries conseguem fazer: uma variedade de sentimentos. Algumas séries são engraçadas. Algumas são sérias. Algumas são peculiares. Algumas são melodramáticas. TVD consegue fazer tudo isso em apenas um episódio. Como alguém conseguiria se entediar com isso?

Sabe como contar uma verdadeira história de amor

Mas não precisamos lhe dizer isso, precisamos? Stelena. Klaroline. Steroline. Forwood. Steferine. A lista é enorme! Muitas séries estão loucas para terem apenas uma história de amor tão convincente quanto uma das várias que acabamos de citar. TVD nos faz cair de amores com cada história de amor. Sempre.

… Mas não negligencia outros tipos de relacionamentos

Quando muitas pessoas pensam em TVD, elas pensam que é um programa sobre triângulo amoroso. Mas TVD sempre foi muito mais do que isso. É uma série que ama um ao outro de tantas formas variadas. Embora o triângulo amoroso foi, de fato, um dos enredos mais convincentes da série, as vezes mostrava que não era. As vezes, o relacionamento entre Stefan e Damon é o que derrete os nossos corações. Ou a amizade que existe entre Caroline, Bonnie e Elena. Ou a família improvisada de Alaric, Elena e Jeremy. Esse grupo de personagens são uma família e nos mostrou diversos tipos de amor. E é por isso que devemos ter esperança de que, mesmo após a saída de Nina, essa série tem o potencial de continuar incrível.

Por quê você acha que TVD ainda tem muito poder para permanecer na ativa? Deixe seu comentário!

Fonte: Wetpaint || Tradução e Adaptação: Andressa Montagna
Equipe Stelenators || Quando reproduzir, não se esqueça dos créditos!

tvd Sinopse oficial do episódio 6.21 “I Will Wed You in the Golden”

Confiram a descrição oficial do episódio 21 da 6ª Temporada, “I Will Wed You in the Golden” que irá ao ar dia 7 de Maio:

O DIA MAIS IMPORTANTE É o casamento de Jo e Alaric (Matt Davis), e Elena e Bonnie fazem o seu melhor para ajudar uma estressada Jo (atriz convidada Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) com os preparativos de última hora. Após descobrir algumas notícias que Damon vem escondendo, Stefan (Paul Wesley) leva o seu irmão para uma pequena viagem onde mostra uma perspectiva de como será o seu futuro com Elena. Em algum outro lugar, quando Caroline (Candice Accola) retorna para Mystic Falls após lidar com as consequências de sua fúria quando estava com as emoções desligadas, ela começa a se redimir com os seus amigos e chega a uma conclusão sobre ela e Stefan estarem juntos. Finalmente, quando Bonnie (Kat Graham) começa a ter pesadelos vívidos de que Lily está vindo atrás dela, ela pede ajuda à Matt para acabar com Lily de uma vez por todas. Michael Trevino e Michael Malarkey também participam do episódio.

Michael A. Allowitz dirigiu o episódio escrito por Brian Young. (#621)

Fonte: Spoiler TV || Tradução e Adaptação: Andressa Montagna
Equipe Stelenators || Quando reproduzir, não se esqueça dos créditos!


ninaandmichaael Michael Malarkey defende saída de Nina Dobrev de The Vampire Diaries

O elenco de The Vampire Diaries aos poucos estão respondendo à notícia de que Nina Dobrev está deixando a série da CW após o final da 6ª temporada, e agora é a vez de Michael Malarkey (Enzo). Conversando com o E! Online, o ator britânico expressou seu apoio à decisão de Nina em abandonar a série após mais de 100 episódio e de dar vida a diversas personagens marcantes.

“Ela sempre soube que iria embora ao final desta temporada, então eu acho que houveram muitas especulações sobre esse assunto. Como, ‘Ela está saindo por causa disso e daquilo.’ As pessoas precisam parar de ler os tablóides!” Michael contou ao site.

Se você perguntar à ele, a saída de Nina foi no momento certo e ela definitivamente colocou bastante tempo e se esforçou muito nesta série que pegou aquela garota desconhecida de Degrassi a transformando na mulher indescritível e reconhecida de hoje.

“Todos tem razões diferentes de fazerem o que querem fazer, mas nesta indústria de entretenimento, é muito importante saber qual é o seu tempo particular de seguir em frente e ela cresceu neste programa,” o ator/músico de 31 anos explicou: “Ela tinha apenas 20 anos quando entrou nesse mundo e agora ela tem 26 anos. Penso que é exatamente a coisa certa para ela fazer, para alguém que alcançou essa posição nesta indústria. Estou muito, muito feliz por ela estar seguindo em frente, embora irei sentir muita falta dela. Ela está fazendo a coisa certa e estou animado para ver o que ela irá fazer a seguir.”

Então o que Michael tem a dizer sobre o final da 6ª temporada — que também será o adeus à Nina?

Ele disse que é um “episódio surpreendente” e que alguns atores do elenco derramaram algumas lágrimas. De fato, enquanto algumas pessoas continuam sem todo o elenco devido a compromissos anteriores ou qualquer outra coisa parecida, este adeus foi diferente. “Todos estavam lá, literalmente. Houve muito barulho e camaradagem no ar.”

Se o elenco estava chorando abertamente em relação ao fim da 6ª temporada, os fãs devem manter-se seguros e com uma caixa de lenços ao lado do sofá enquanto esperamos pela grande noite.

Fonte: E! Online || Tradução e Adaptação: Andressa Montagna
Equipe Stelenators || Quando reproduzir, não se esqueça dos créditos!

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